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Cisco Systems


The scope of cooperation:

  • The UITM hosts the CISCO Regional Academy, one of five such academies in Poland.
  • Students study the theoretical basis of computer network design, construction and administration. The practical skills gained at the same time enable students to seek employment in the system administration branch as well as earn CCNA and CCNP certificates of IT specialist.



Novell Ireland

Software Limited “Novel”


Sylvan Prometric


Sun Microsystems Poland


The scope of cooperation:

  • training courses and certification of faculty and students,
  • computer software package,
  • IT infrastructure creation.


Internship International


Cooperation in the area of raising professional qualifications, gaining experience and getting to know American culture and society by students.


International Educational Exchange, Inc.


Organizing payable training for students.



Broadmoor Hotel
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Internships for students of Tourism and Recreation.







Ost-West Verein Association
Torgau, Germany


Student internships.


Ost-West Consulting, Torgau


Supporting international economic contacts between Torgau and Rzeszów.

Internet system helping to establish contacts between companies from Germany and countries in Middle and Eastern Europe.

Organizing training for students in Germany.


East-West Consult (EWC)


Joint research programs, exchange of scientific materials and publications.

Student exchange.

Joint organization of conferences and various trainings.


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