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University headquarters

The headquarters of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów is at 2 Sucharskiego Street.


The didactic area consists of:

  • a modern auditorium for 300 people
  • 12 modern lecture rooms
  • computer laboratories available to students for 12 hours a day


  • computer laboratories

- 2 CISCO SYSTEMS (CCNA) computer labs

- CISCO SYSTEMS (CCNP) computer lab



- SUN MICROSYSTEMS computer lab

  • SYLVAN PROMETRIC (APTC) Authorized Testing Center

All laboratories have access to the internet (2 Mb/s - Polpak - T link)

  • language rooms and classrooms
  • a library, a reading room and a book store


  • Academic Club
We offer a place to sit and have a meal both in the Rzeszów headquarters and in the Center for Tourism and Recreation in Kielnarowa. Students, teachers and guests can take advantage of two snack bars, a cafe and an inn.
There is also a parking lot for teachers and students.

UITM Center for Tourism and Recreation

The Center for Tourism and Recreation at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów is a complex of didactic, recreational and sports buildings located in Kielnarowa near Rzeszów in the Dynowskie Plateau region.


The main didactic building consists of lecture rooms, classrooms, language rooms and two large computer laboratories. They are open to computer science classes, to students and training participants. There is also a spacious open-air patio.


The UITM Center for Tourism and Recreation houses the largest sports and recreation hall in the Podkarpackie region and one of the largest in Poland with an administrative and didactic area of 4500 square meters. In the complex there is an area for sports team games and tennis courts.



In the hall building there is:


  • a massage room
  • a beauty salon
  • a fitness club and a weight training room
  • a sauna with lounge

The complex includes a bar serving hot meals. Next to the hall building there are outdoor basketball and volleyball courts, and bicycle tracks in the nearby hills.

The UITM Center for Tourism and Recreation provides hotel services. We can accommodate 37 people in en-suite rooms with TVs and Internet access.


June 2006 saw the opening of a new object, "Taberna pod sosnami" - an inn with traditional, old-Polish food, and of two buildings providing accommodation for international teachers.


A dormitory for 150 students will be built in the near future, together with new laboratories for students of Public Health.

International Education Center

The newest venture of UITM is a project of the International Education Center. The Center is going to be created in Kielnarowa, in the Center for Tourism and Recreation, and is going to be a huge complex of lecture halls, class rooms, computer laboratories, a library, conference rooms, hotel premises and an exhibition hall.
The Center is built with the aim of not only educating foreign students and Polish students choosing English study programs, but also helping foreigners to adapt in the new conditions resulting from a foreign culture and language.
The Center is also going to be a center of information about Poland (especially Eastern Poland), with courses of Polish for foreigners, winter and summer schools of Polish language and culture, economic and social databases. It is going to provide help in establishing business contacts both for foreigners and Polish entrepreneurs. Additionally, we are going to conduct courses in English for the staff of companies in Eastern Poland and training for Poles planning to work abroad.

Index Pub

The university has its own pub located in the city center. The Pub is managed by the university graduates and students who are the members of the Association of UITM Alumni and Students. It is also a place of internships especially for the students of Tourism and Recreation.



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