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International students can choose from two fields of study:

  • Economics and
  • Information Technology and Econometrics



Economics – specialty: International Management:
Students learn a wide range of issues connected with economics in relation to managing large corporations. They learn how to plan and manage a company on the global market, how to take advantage of chances, avoid dangers and how to use information systems in the company. On graduation, students can manage a company or take medium or high positions in companies of various profiles of activity.


Economics – specialty: Hospitality Management:

Students gain knowledge in economics and hospitality management. The study program contains such issues as: motivation system, the role of ethics, hotel functionality, hospitality as a part of corporate culture, customer satisfaction, loyalty programs and forms and principles of hospitality. They learn how to apply hospitality management in hotels and restaurants, using elements of personnel management. After graduating, students are well prepared for medium or high positions in hotels, restaurants, and tourism agencies.


Information Technology and Econometrics – specialty: Computer Networks:
In this field of study, students gain knowledge in the area of information systems technologies, analytics and econometrics, using mathematical and economic tools for designing information networks, supporting economic projects and conducting research in the IT sector. After graduation, students can work in IT companies or in research and data processing centers.

After completing the three-year first-cycle (Bachelor’s) studies, the student receives the degree of licencjat/Bachelor, and after two-year second-cycle (Master’s) studies – the degree of magister/Master.






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