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Welcome to the International Relations Department (IRD) at UITM. The IRD serves all incoming and currently enrolled international students at the university.


The International Relations Department is committed to the internationalization of UITM.  We engage in international projects and enter into partnerships with foreign institutions, as well as offer study programs to international students.
We are here to answer your questions about studies and help you with any problem that you may have with immigration matters to make sure you enter Poland in proper status. Our staff also assist UITM students with finding placement in training and work & travel positions in the USA.


The current number of international students at UITM nears 400 which includes students from: China, India, Iran, Pakistan, Ukraine, Moldavia, USA, Russia and Brazil, Portugal, Bangladesh, Algeria, Ethiopia and Nigeria.
This academic year we rank first in international student enrollment among all private Polish colleges and universities.


The university offers three majors which are held in English:  International Management, Information Technology and Hospitality Management within which students can earn a certificate in Aviation Management. There are also studies in: Economics, Public Administration, Journalism and Public Relations, Tourism and Recreation, Information Technology and Econometrics, Public Health, Political Science and European Studies which are all held in Polish.


The following universities are some of UITM’s international partners: American University, Washington D.C. (USA), The University of Toledo, Ohio (USA), University of Manitoba (Canada), Central Ostrobothnia Polytechnic, Ylivieska Unit (Finland), Internationale Fachhochschule Bad Honnef • Bonn (Germany), Fachhochschule Bielefeld (Germany), Instituto Politecnico da Guarda (Portugal), University of Vic (Spain), University of Huddersfield, Derby University, Salford University, University of Central Lancashire (Great Britain), European University, Kiev, (Ukraine), The Ivan Franko State University in Lvov, (Ukraine), Iranian Academic Centre for Education, Culture and Research (Iran).


If you are interested in applying for admission to any program at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, Poland, please visit the relevant web site for the admissions requirements and procedures:


www.wsiz.rzeszow.pl – Studies for Foreigners.


All inquires about studies shall be directed to the International Relations Department.
phone: (+48) 17 866 12 24, fax: (+48) 17 866 13 12



published: 06 December 2007 12:26

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