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Legalization of Stay




Documents which you must hand in directly on your arrival at the University:
• a filled-in personal questionnaire
• medical attestation to the effect that you can undertake studies at a given field of study
• birth certificate and its translation into English
• secondary school or college/university graduation certificate with the necessary stamps, among others of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education, and a letter from the Embassy or an annotation that the certificate entitles its holder to undertake studies in the person’s home country.
• letter of acceptance


NOTE! All the above mentioned documents must be delivered in ORIGINAL. If you do not have the original documents or the necessary stamps on arrival, you submit a written obligation to deliver them within no more than 45 days.


Documents you need to sign after coming to the University:
• Educational Services Contract (in Polish and English)
• Decision of admission for studies (in Polish and English)
• Student’s oath (in Polish and English)
• Contract of tenancy (only if you decide to stay in the University dormitories)


To stay in Poland legally and receive the Temporary Residence Card, you need to have:

1. a passport with a valid visa. That the most vital point!

2. birth certificate and its translation. It is enough if you have the English version of the birth certificate; we can then provide the Polish version – our sworn translator shall translate it very quickly for free.

3. a payment clearance certificate issued by the University. The certificate can be issued at once if only you have kept your payments up-to-date without any outstanding ones.

4. certificate of no criminal record. That does not mean any special certificate issued by the Police. It is enough if you sign a suitable statement of having a clean record both in your home country and in Poland.

5. certification from a bank. Neither studying nor everyday life are cheap, so you will have to keep your money somewhere. Nice bank clerks will gladly print out your current account balance at your request.

6. tenancy contract and confirmation of address of residence. You need a legal place of residence for a legal stay. Our school offers rooms in very nice houses, which are fully at the disposal of the students. The tenancy contract can be signed as early as your day of arrival. You do not have to worry about registering in the lodgings, as our employees will take care of it for you.  

7. contract with NFZ and the last insurance premium. To feel safely, every student should be insured. We can help you in that area as well.

8. 5 photographs (of your left profile). The 5 photographs are needed for applying for the temporary residence card. If you wish, we can advise you where to make the photos cheap and fast.

9. Stamp charge 340 PLN.


Additionally – for the University:

1. a medical attestation that you can undertake studies at the chosen field of studies. Many students bring such attestation with them, but it is not a problem to obtain them from the doctor we cooperate with. 


2. secondary school or college/university graduation certificate. You should have the documents stamped by your consular unit and the Ministry of Education. The documents should contain the information that it is possible for you to undertake studies in your home country. Apart from that, school graduation certificates need to be validated here. To relieve you of that obligation, we take care of that for you. 


3.  4 photographs, needed for the diploma, student’s record book and other documents. Make sure you’re smiling :)




Having fulfilled the above requirements, you will receive the Temporary Residence Card for the period of a year.


Procedure of applying for the Temporary Residence Card:

1. Keep the deadlines!
The very last day for applying for the TRC is 45 days before your visa expires! Even if for some reason you do not have all the necessary documents, you still have to submit the application on time, and then complete the documentation as quickly as possible. Do not wait for the last minute!

In the Municipal Office

2. An employee of the International Office will help you submit the application. If there is no queue in the Office, the procedure takes about 15 minutes. Everything can be done really smoothly and quickly!


3. Further steps:
• After about 2 weeks you will receive a letter informing you that administrative proceedings have been instituted
• After about one month from submitting the application, you must deliver your account history for the last month to show the available means and conducted transactions.
• 2 weeks later, you should receive a residence permit for a defined period of time
• You must then be registered in the lodgings for the time stated in the decision, and pay 50 PLN to the Office’s account. Confirmations of the address of residence and of payment should be delivered to the secretary at the Office. From then on, it takes 2 to 3 weeks for you to get the TRC.


To sum up, the whole procedure lasts about 2 months. You must collect your TRC personally!




Significant documents:







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