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The University of Information Technology and Management conducts scientific and research activity i.a. by developing and realising research and educational projects financed from national and international institutions and funds. Using its HR potential and infrastructure, it also wins funds serving the region's social and economic development.

Taking advantage of the chances given by the European Union (thanks to a great extent to the Structural Funds and educational programmes), the experience gained in the years of existence, the HR potential and infrastructure, the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów submits applications in many competitions, and in most cases we succeed in winning the grants.

So far, 155 grants have been realised at UITM, and further 17 are being currently realised:





Currently realised

national grants



international grants and grants financed from EU means







To facilitate the procedure of preparing, winning, managing and settling projects, the following consultative units have been formed at UITM:

the Project Team concerned with i.a.:

- funds and programmes analysis;

- informing employees about financing sources;

- consultative and advisory aid as to the choice of potential financing programmes and concerning the very preparation of application form

and the Project Settlement Section in the Bursary, dealing i.a. with:

- aid in preparing project schedule and budget;

- monitoring project realisation in accordance with the budget and schedule;

- periodic and final settlements in accordance with the donator's requirements.


published: 07 October 2008 11:01

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