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Bachelor Program


required from foreign students wishing

to apply for an undergraduate program (Bachelor’s degree)

Documents to be sent by mail

  1. Written request directed to Vice President, International Relations, stating the selected degree program.
  2. Application form, completed and duly signed by the candidate.
  3. CV in English signed by the candidate.
  4. High School document including the final scores of all subjects taken at a high school (original together with sworn translation into English).
  5. High School diploma (original together with sworn translation into English) legalized by Polish Embassy.
  6. Clause issued by a pertinent institution (Ministry of Education or Polish Embassy) stating that the diploma entitles its holder to undertake studies.
  7. Certificate of English Language Proficiency (list of such certificates can be found at http://portal.wsiz.rzeszow.pl/strona.aspx?id=220,189).

  8. 4 photographs.
  9. Health certificate including the clause that the student is in good health and is capable of commencing studies.
  10. Copy of passport (page with personal data).



Documents to be delivered after students’ arrival (originals)

  1. Birth Certificate.
  2. 5 Photographs 4,5x3,5cm.
  3. Financial means necessary to cover the costs of living in Poland during the first year of the student’s stay:

    A minimum of 477 PLN monthly, excluding accommodation (1є = about 3,5 PLN)


Average monthly maintenance costs:


  1. Accommodation, depending on the standard, situation and number of persons – 250-500 PLN per person;


  2. Food c. 500 PLN;


  3. Health insurance NFZ (National Health Fund) – premium about 40 PLN. All foreign students are required to have an NFZ health insurance, which is essential to apply for temporary residence permit in Poland. The insurance should be taken out upon the students’ arrival in Poland.



Please send all the above documents at:

University of Information Technology and Management

International Relations Department
ul. Sucharskiego 2
35-225 Rzeszow

Application documents


published: 03 April 2009 14:39

University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów
ul. Sucharskiego 2, 35-225 Rzeszów, fax: +48 17 866 12 22
tel. +48 17 866 12 24
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